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Fatness to Fitness


Ok, so the crew at work has finished our 12 week weight loss challenge on Monday.  I lost 3kg (6.6 lbs), the biggest loser lost 11.1 kg (24.5 lbs).  He is buying us all donuts next week! Smile (We all paid in $25 and the winner takes (or took) all.  What I’m happy about is that I lost pretty much nothing (maybe 1/4 lb) for the first 6 weeks or so, but as I completed the C25k and started to make a serious commitment to eating and drinking properly, the weight has just started to slip away.  I wonder what could have been, if I had hit upon this working combination earlier. I had been trying things, but kept getting derailed.

I’m happy for the guy that won the challenge, he lost more than I had set as my goal, and even if I had lost my targetted weight, he would have still won.  My goal now is to keep at it, maybe even ramp it up a little, and flaunt a beach bod when the southern hemisphere summer finally gets here.

So what did I do differently?  Firstly I found a youtube video from a guy named Scooby, that sent me to his website that is aimed primarily at beginner bodybuilders which has a lot of nutritional advice that I found really helpful.

Since finding Scooby’s site, which recommends cardio daily I began to run every day, but I hit two obstacles:

  1. The forestry contractor closed access to the forest that I like running in.
  2. I started to aggravate an old knee injury.

Through another page I have started reading recently, I discovered Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness – Level up your life one day at a time.  This had a lot of motivational type posts on it, and a few that expounded theories on nutrition that were pretty similar to Scooby’s.  By this time there was only about a week left in the weight loss challenge so I haven’t been following along for very long at all.

Then I saw a couple of days ago that Steve had posted a blog about a friend of his that lost a crap ton of weight.  Steve mentioned the Paleo diet and a site called Mark’s Daily Apple.  I’ve spent the last couple of days looking around the site, and while some of the imagery might be a little over the top for some, it seems to make a lot of sense and his ‘primal blueprint for fitness’ seemed to ring a few bells for me particularly since I started to get injured when I upped my running schedule.

The principle of gradually increasing the workouts from starting somewhere that sounds far too easy also seems to sit well with me, since when I first started the C25k, I thought the earlier stages were too easy, and I should have jumped in a bit later down the track.  As it was I started in week 2.  Looking back on it now I think that if I had started further into the program I would have likely got burned out early, and given up.  The staged progression was actually pretty good.

I am still enjoying running, and intend to keep it up.  I am not going to run every day, and may not even do the every other day thing like I was doing during the C25k.  With the forest closed off (temporarily I hope) I am running on concrete around a small lake.  While the park is pretty, I still much prefer the forest, and the dirt road in there is much easier on my body.

Another thing is that Mark Sisson abbreviates his Primal Blueprint to PB.  A great fit for pB Winking smile.  So I have decided to start.  I will need to shift a few of the days around to accommodate my shift patterns, but it should be doable.  Today was a a day of play with an hour of Karate (see fits my lifestyle already!)  Tomorrow will be a day of Lifting Heavy Things”

The first heavy thing to lift is me

Great couple of weeks

Completed the Couch to 5k program, and still motivated to continue running.

Presented with a blue belt for aikido/aikijutsu

Been advised informally that I have sufficient credits to graduate my Masters program in January.


Life is good.