2nd LHT Eva

1st rostered day off.

Bacon & Eggs for brekksta.

Exercise Level Set 1 Set 2 Target
Pushup 1.2 33 30 50
Pullup 2.2 15 15 15
Squat 3.2 50 50 50
Overhead Press 4.4 6 7 12
Plank Front 5.1 90 90 90
Plank Side 5.1 45 45 45

I revisited my performance with the dive bombers from last time, and decided that if I could do any overhead presses, I should be doing them, so rather than drop back to the jack knife press, I kicked it up to the overhead press.  I’m not sure why I’m having trouble with the dive bombers, maybe it’s to do with range of motion in my shoulders.  It definitely seems to be a problem as I dip below that imaginary bar.  I think I need to start doing some mobility exercises during the move slowly days.

I also took some defrosted chicken pieces (wings, thighs etc), threw them in the crock with some sliced onion, crushed garlic, white pepper & curry powder, with a bit of orange juice, homemade chicken stock, and a packet of chicken noodle soup.  Set it to low at about 11:30 am – should be ready in time for dinner after karate tonight.

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