Little by little

So yesterday and the day before I was at work – night shift – 8p thru 8a.  I’m a supervisor with 20 guys in my crew spread over a large area over 3 levels.  All the levels are accessed only by stairs, some of them fairly steep.  It’s a lot like the old loderunner game on the apple II.  I used to love that game.


So I made sure to get out and about around the plant a little more than usual, in order to meet the criteria for move slowly.  After work I really took to heart the ‘rest’ requirement as I usually do, making sure to get plenty of sleep.  This morning I finished my second night shift at 8 am and had a nap for around 4 hours (any longer and I won’t get to sleep tonight), then I went out for a good lunch with my wife, did the groceries and then went for a 2.4 km (1.5 mile) jog to warm up for the sprints.  The sprints were a lot easier than I anticipated.

Tomorrow and the day after are day shifts so I’ll be there from 8a to 8p, which won’t leave time for much else, I will make sure I stay active by walking the plant, and tackling all of the stairs.  I knew going in that I would need to modify the blueprint, since my week revolves around an eight day cycle, rather than a 7 day one.  That’s ok, it’s my life and I’ve got the rest of it to make this work.

One of my biggest dietary downfalls has always been potato chips, I can eat ‘em and eat ‘em.  I have habitually eaten 54g of potato chips every day, quite often more.  This trip to the grocery for the first time I ever, I declared that we would not be buying any.  I’m sure I can do it.

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