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Updates; Still at it, and reaching out


I’m 42 and started my primal journey on July 1 of this year. I have lurked here a little since then.
Since then I have lost 5kg (11 lb). Since childhood I’ve always been known as something of a carnivore and have always enjoyed gnawing on a bone and sucking out the marrow. So the primal diet really appeals to me.
I was journaling the start of my primal journey on my website, The pHreebase page | Why let reality ruin your day?, but it is somewhat of a digital wasteland and I’m feeling the need now for a little more comment/feedback/advice, so I’ve joined up here. One reason for not joining earlier was that I have been known to spend too much time on internet forums, and not enough actually doing real things, but we’ll see how this goes. If I can bust my addiction to potato chips, I reckon I can do just about anything lol.
This last three weeks or so have been pretty difficult for me, and I seem to have had a raft of excuses and no energy. I had to do an extra 12hr night shift, My dad had to go back to hospital after complications from his surgery for prostate cancer, I smacked up my hand and then stabbed it with a rusty nail pulling weeds in the garden (yes shots are up to date). My LHT has been non-existent and it has been a struggle to get out of bed some days.
We have the Rugby World cup on here at the moment and last weekend I watched a couple games, one at home with a few beers, and one at the stadium, which involved dinners out and lots of beers.

Never mind all of that life is good, and I think I’m over all that, and today having finished work at 8am and not having to be back until 8am tomorrow, it was time to get back into it. It helps that it is daylight saving here now too and it really feels like spring. Also apart from the beers over the weekend My diet is pretty much 80% primal.
My move slowly/play is mostly walking around at work and martial arts classes when my work/sleep schedule doesn’t conflict with class times.
I started the PFB after completing the couch to 5k program, and pretty much haven’t run since, other than occasional sprints. A couple of nights ago I found an empty office at work and did an LHT – substituting dips (as many as I can) instead of pull ups. Today after a quick nap when I got home from work I went to the dental hygienist for a professional clean – all the better for gnawing on bones with
Then I came home for a lunch of bacon and eggs, and decided I needed to take the dog for a run in the forest. I also wanted to see how far my running had deteriorated since completing the couch to 5k in June. My thighs are still a little stiff from the squats the other night. Happily I found the run fairly easy, and considering I have ALWAYS struggled with running and the c25k was my only ever success at it I was amazed. There was a clear felled area just off the road where my run finished, and I went over and sat cross legged on a mound of dirt in the sun, took my shirt off and just meditated for 10 minutes basking in the sun. I aim to meditate for 10 mins at least 3 times a week, but it’s usually in a quiet semi dark room, this was something else again.
The end of the c25k really did start to feel chronic to me, but I’m thinking a 5k jog every 3-4 weeks, just to keep in touch will be good.
So I’m back! The last couple of weeks haven’t derailed me, and today I read the latest insider email which again was very timely. Tomorrow is a 12 hr day shift and my menu will be much the same as it usually is for these days:
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee
Morning snack: 2 hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee
Lunch: Big bowl of frozen mixed vegetables and a can of salmon nuked in the microwave
throughout the afternoon/evening: 2 apples, a banana, 2 handfuls of almonds (almonds are REAL expensive here)
Then dinner when I get home at 8 which will be meat/seafood and vegies.
With a fridge stocked with hard boiled eggs this menu is incredibly quick to put together in the morning, and keeps me going all day.
Great to meet you all, appreciate any tips you may have.
Grok on!!