As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Last night was grilled chicken, mixed veg, a small helping of rice for dinner, and a chocolate ice cream for dessert.
Today I had left over grilled chicken straight from the fridge for breakfast, along with a big drink of skim milk.
Snacked on a HB egg some time around 11 then went shopping for seedlings since it’s spring downunder.
6 cauilis
6 Broccoli
6 broccoflower
1 pickle
3 cherry tomatoes
6 spinach
still to plant, when I sort out the best location:
6 chillis
untold spring onions
Pulled a few weeds out too. Spent most of the time doing this with shirt off soaking up the rays. It felt very grok-like man-handling a plastic 30 gallon drum that was half full of compost.


A quick shower, some more cold grilled chicken and then an hour and a half of aikido class. Both the senior student present, and one of the instructors remarked on how much weight I’ve lost.
Tonight’s dinner is curried local farmed beef sausages with mixed vegies.
Drank a lot less diet coke today than yesterday, and have filled an old coke bottle with water, and placed it where the coke usually sits. I’ve done this before, and it works for a few days until I go back to coke. I’m ready to make it stick this time.

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