October 1–3 months of primal today

Saturday here, and I worked 8a – 8p. I only had 2 hardboiled eggs left in the fridge so saved them for a workday snack and had a chorizo sausage and some smoked kahawai for breakfast. Got to work and had my coffee.
Coffee and the 2 hard boiled eggs for morning tea.
Big bowl of mixed vegetables and some more smoked kahawai for lunch. A sugar free ‘energy’ drink.
A big handful of almonds and an apple between 2p – 6p. 2 cups of black tea no milk or sugar.
A large glass of diet coke <=== This. This is my current challenge and the least amount of coke i’ve drunk in a long time by a long chalk.
8:30p a bowl of stir fry chicken & broccoli with some (probably non-primal) sauce. 2 large mugs of chamomile tea.

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