Exam Stress

Had my uni exam today, talk about a day of stress. But that’s ok, all going well I can take a break from studies for a short time and 1 less excuse I have.
Tonight I had karate class. I have gained a kg since I posted my last picture, and the female sensei who has been commenting on my weight loss, seemed tonight to be very worried that I was losing too much weight and was trying to get me to promise not to lose any more.
I was kinda like WTF?
It honestly wouldn’t worry me if I didn’t lose any more weight, I’m really after a change in body comp, and I’m fairly certain that to achieve that I will end up leaning out more.
She was beginning to worry that I had some kind of ED, and I’m like “No way – I like eating animal fat
I’m putting it down to CW people not being used to seeing such dramatic and seemingly sustainable weight loss without some kind of ED present?
I will take it as further motivation to do the LHTs since I really don’t want to look like a skinny anemic dude, and yes I’d rather look like a sprinter than a marathon runner.
Been getting a bit of sunshine time in lately too.

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