Mid November update

The diet has been going really well. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not, but each time I go into ketosis (as evidenced by that taste in my mouth and a sudden weight loss) I seem to suffer terribly with sinus trouble. I don’t know whether it is seasonal (spring time here – and this is the first year in a long time I haven’t suffered major sneezing fits), some sniffle bug that passes round at work, or whether it is somehow related to my diet. It really leaves me feeling like crap. When that kicked in, I upped my D3 intake. If it was some kind of cold/bug it didn’t last that long ( a couple of days) but it sure had me feeling miserable.bulletin

I did an LHT yesterday, and managed close to the same results that I had when I last did them, except for my front plank – that sucked big time.
Since then I’ve been working on greasing the groove with 1 x 5 push ups. Next week’s groove will be pull-ups, I need to master those bastards.

The primal chooks are excellent, we are currently getting 3 eggs a a day from the four of the ladies, and the eggs are getting to be a decent size. Too bad that any sane financial model would still value the eggs at around $50 per LOL.
Just being out in the pen and watching them is priceless though

beefJust yesterday at work, I got an email from a colleague with a few acres who is looking to offload home raised grass fed ground beef and sausages at a good price. My guess is that he kept all of the prime cuts and a few of the extras and is running out of freezer space. I don’t mind that


Then a couple of guys asked if I’d be keen to join them on a motorcycle run. I’m always keen for that so asked where they were headed to. I didn’t really need any more convincing when I found out it was here: Welcome to Pokeno Bacon then on to here: Lighthouse at Manukau Heads – Franklin Country and home. Sounds like a good day out to me.

The forest track is closed again, boo hiss. While we’re on bad news, I still haven’t kicked the diet coke

Martial arts is getting a little frustrating at times. I’m feeling close to testing for my next belt at karate, but then something inevitably happens and I lose confidence in my kata again.

The garden is coming along great, lots of lettuce ready and the cauli and brocs are doing well. Lots of jobs outdoors to tackle at this time of year, still I’m really starting to feel like I need a day away fishing The motorcycle ride should help on the de-stress front anyway.

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