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Level up & formalising the creed

Today I did the last of my exercises at level 1, doing 10/10/50/50/50/ short bridges and 10 sec/ 2min headstands. Now it is two days of rest, and next week on up to level 2. I will do sprints on one of those rest days.


Warning: Deep & Meaningful Philosophical content follows


Well if that didn’t put you off, here’s the story. I received an email from my martial arts instructor that posed the following questions. I’m sure he posed them to everyone and not just me. It is in a similar vein to the write your own eulogy exercise:

Allow me to pose 3 different questions, which may make it easier to acess your thoughts.

Premise; If you had 2 minutes to live and could still speak, to your eldest son,daughter/friend/young person starting get the idea…

1 What three significant thoughts/things you have learned in your entire lifetime do you feel would benefit him/her/them most?
Question 2 …Have you done this?
Question 3.. if not What are you waiting for?
Question 4…. If not any of them, as you may not like your kids or have few friends, have you anything I might benefit from?


I actually didn’t need to think about this for very long, and rather than give a cute reply, I came up with this:

1 Three things:
a. Look after your health; follow a primal diet, stretch and do calisthenics regularly and allow yourself to rest & heal. Breathe.
b. Level up; develop yourself and your skills, learn new skills, approach them in a systematic, progressive manner and practice regularly, have goals.
c. Enjoy life; approach tasks and encounters with relaxed enthusiasm, expect abundance – not everything needs to be a competition, don’t feel obliged to justify yourself to anyone else.

I summarise these as:
a. Live
b. Grow
c. Flourish

2. I am doing this. Now. I had been going along for a long time following parts of this, off and on. It was around June of this year that I started to really put it all together, and I feel that it is working well for me. Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and it can only get better. At different times I have probably been stronger in 1 or two of these areas than I am now, but was always missing at least one of the others. I don’t know what prompted this epiphany, whether as a result of introspection after my birthday, as a result of something I read, studied, practiced, assimilation of ideas from martial arts, introspection after my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer or whatever. Life is good and getting better.

3. See 2. I still have a way to go, but I’ll get there.

4. I would like to think that were I to have children that I would never need to say these things to them in my final 2 minutes and that they have learned these things from me throughout my life. I would like to spend that last two minutes saying good bye, so that we may all approach the next step with relaxed enthusiasm.


I wonder what response, if any, this will elicit from him.


Merry Christmas 2011 everybody.

407490_10150436220737638_719547637_8770534_953901443_nSo I’ve been working night shifts for both xmas eve and Xmas day. The boss gave me a budget to get some food for my crew, and we used the BBQ. I had around 20 people to feed, and I think I did OK. We got a large piece of porterhouse and sliced our own steaks from it, a reasonable sized boneless ham, a rotisserie chicken, some additive free sausages a large tray of eggs, onions and salad makings. I almost fed 20 people primal by stealth, but in order to keep with cw traditions I also got some bread, garlic bread, juice & sodas, potato chips and chocolate biscuits. The guys generally agreed that it was the one of the best bbqs they have had and I made it in slightly under budget. As well we have enough left over to have a good sized lunch on Tuesday day shift.

Today, Christmas day I slept. We are going over to my parent’s place tomorrow for the family time. This evening, I did my workout.
The wall press ups got interrupted by a phone call (I was at work, so had to answer)
So warm 10/10 work 20/50/50/50 progression standard easily. The knee tucks did better, I made the progression standard, but so far they don’t feel as smooth/polished as the other exercises. Not to worry I did make the standard warm 10/10 work 40/40/40, so next push up/leg raise work out will be level 2.
I’ve been keeping up with the dynamic stretches every day too, and am adding in 10 minutes of meditation as well. Speaking of which, I shall now go and get in today’s session.


Something must be working

I finally got my sleep-in this morning. I still wonder about my workout last night. Did I do it because I have been developing an iron will since changing to this WOE? Did I do it because I felt some kind of support/peer pressure type deal through journalling here? I could oh so easily skipped that session last night, without very much guilt at all. I’m sure after the kind of 12 hour days I’d been working lately I could justify to myself a well earned break.

No I think that the answer lies in the fact that by doing what I’ve been doing lately has been showing me RESULTS. I’ve never seen results like this before.. I like these results and I want MORE of them. In years gone by I would have started eating giant pastas with porridge or cereal for breakfast and go faff about in a gym dabbling with the lat pull down machine or playing on the bench press machine. If I was really desperate I’d waddle somewhat on the treadmill as well. All this would be according to the ‘personalised program tailored for me by the gym’s very own fitness professional’. Then feeling good I’d go home and have a lettuce & tomato sandwich on whole grain bread, maybe even two, because it was healthy, and I was working out, and I’m going to BE healthy dammit. What a healthy bastard I was. I would go to gym every day, which would soon become ‘every day that I can’; of course there would be more and more days that I could not. For any number of ‘reasons’. It never seemed to matter whether I went or not, the ‘results’ were much the same.

Last night I was dog tired, I’d had a fair sized meal of bacon and eggs, and I really wanted to go to bed. The exercises that I’ve been doing are far easier than what CW would suggest that I am capable of, and are in fact referred to as exercises for rehab or invalids. BUT I AM SEEING RESULTS. So I decided that I need to stick to the program. Today is a rest day, yesterday was a workout day, what would it hurt to swap that around? Surely not much? But i figured – ‘The program is working – stick to the program’.

Did I enjoy it? Not really. I was very neutral, I didn’t hate it, it wasn’t a chore. It just was.
Probably not a big deal to so many people, but to me it smells like victory.
Today is a programmed rest day, so that means dynamic stretches, meditation and karate class.

In other news – We now have one of them fancy toilets that flushes.


Motivational Mojo

I’m pretty happy with things at the moment, been a tough week at work this week, what with one thing and another, mostly other people it seems – everybody just seems to go off the deep end really quick at this time of year. Employees do silly things that they wouldn’t usually do, management over reacts etc. Never mind I have the rest of the week off, and go back for xmas eve & xmas day – Joy!!
The windows are all in and completed, the recent rain held up progress on the final touches, and they look great.

Food has been well within 80/20 (except the dreaded diet coke) and the exercise & stretches have been good. I need to do vertical pulls and shoulder stand squats today. It has been a really long 12 hour work day and I have just had dinner (bacon & eggs) and I don’t quite feel like it. If I skip it, it will be the first time I have deviated from my set program since the beginning of the month. This is the best motivation for not skipping tonight, so I will let dinner settle and give it heaps. Considering I often do a workout at 3am on a nightshift, doing one at 10pm shouldn’t seem so bad eh?

Nek minnit….

Ok, so I decided it was time to get to work on the LHT:
Vertical pulls – warm 10/10 Work 40/40/40 – progression standard!!
Shoulder stand Squats – warm 10/10 Work 50/50/50 – progression standard!!
Dynamic stretches – level 2 30 secs
Meditation – 10 mins Seiza

A month or so ago I would have skipped it and had a couple beers instead. I consider this a success, despite the diet coke.

Tomorrow the sun will be shining, I will have a flushable toilet again, and I don’t have to go to work.


Mystery solved

polls_207px_MysteryInc_0148_61738_answer_7_xlargeWent back to the Dr today to find out why they wanted to see me. I LMAO all the way home again. Turns out the PSA result was excellent, the total cholesterol was only just over the limit for ‘normal’ and was of no concern to her at all. For some reason they also gave me a driver’s medical too and it seems that was a ‘cock up’ (said in the best eastern european accent).

It turns out that the reason they wanted to see me is that my Haemoglobin count is slightly low, which may indicate me being slightly anemic. This means I need to eat more red meat, eggs and veg before another test in 8 weeks time.
I had been dead worried it was cholesterol and thatt I was going to get the spiel about cutting back on eggs, red meat and dairy. LMAO all the way home. Extra half a steak with dinner tonight and some spinach fresh from the garden, along with the usual day’s 4 or so eggs.

Frankie_Says_Relax_Design_by_mrockzBlood pressure was 120/60 – I was like – “yeah this is a comfy chair, and I’m feeling relaxed”.

Harvested a bunch of red onions and pulled a whole lot of weeds.
Rest day for the convict today, but had a Karate class and did stretches there – the CC2 stretches seem to be really helping with the karate stretches.

Windows are all in, some finishing work still needs to be done – next week for that.

Today was a fantastic day.


Installing Windows – Please wait..

It was a long week at work, the whole process was in a state of flux, and while I was able to get it settled down, despite a lack of most of the crucial raw materials, I was still being second guessed by everyone who thought they had input to give. Unfortunately they can advise as much as they like, and I do I like to take good advice on board, but whether the advice is right or wrong, they can continue on their way, while I’m the one who must carry the can. I do often seek the counsel of these people, but yesterday I needed to remain resolutely on my own path, and I made that clear. Hopefully I was blunt enough without being nasty. We shall see.

387393_2763049845433_1533459679_32734824_1019782845_nThe guys came to start fitting the new windows today, so there was no post shift week sleep-in to be had, I was up early to clear away junk and remove curtain rails etc. They have another day of it tomorrow too, so still no sleep-in on the horizon. I will shoot for an early night tonight.

Today was the day to see the Dr again re my blood test results, however when I got to the surgery, there was a power cut. Did you know that modern drs can’t practice medicine without electricity? Apparently the lab only sends results via email, and all patient records are computerised. The Doc had no clue who I was, or why I was even there, despite sending the letter asking to see me. The receptionist could not rebook me without her PC but promised to call me at home and confirm a new appt when the power came back on. I wrote my name and number down on a piece of paper for them – how old fashioned. Anyway, I go back there tomorrow morning.
So yesterday was a scheduled rest day re exercising, and with all going on I didn’t even get my stretches in.

Today I did level 2 stretches for 15 secs and the vertical pulls and shoulder stand squats. I made the progression standard fairly easily for the pulls, but will stay on this level for the rest of the month, only really 2 more times of that exercise. I beat the intermediate level on the squats, and need to hit progression level on the next work out, as the plan is to get to progression level on the third week, and repeat it on week 4 before moving on in week 5.

Foodwise things have been a good 80/20.


Pirate Sprints

Exercise program designated rest

Sprints – 1 x walk around park out back
2 x Jog around park
6 x sprint up small hill – Brian’s liquid amber to the twin camellias, with the dog

Got a letter today – the Dr wants to see me to talk about the bloods, I guess it will be about the cholesterol numbers. I doubt that they will be high enough for her to want me on statins, but I’m sure I’ll get ‘the talk’.

Oh well, I suppose I’d best go see her on Tuesday. Le sigh.


Back to work

Had an eventful night shift with a lot of plant issues affecting operations. Got home and went directly to bed and was out by the time my head hit the pillow. During the night I had a couple of apples, some HB eggs and some almonds as well as a couple cups of coffee and a hot chocolate.

Slept all day, then went out for dinner with the harem. I had a sirloin steak and veg then had to go directly to work. The scales are back in the region of where they should be again too.

At work I got in my CC2 level 1 stretches. Tomorrow will be hill sprints, and the next day push ups and leg raises. I mentioned a while back that DW had said that my arms had been getting smaller, even with this very slow start on the CC program, I feel like that is being addressed.


Hair of the dog

The start of the work week for me, and we start with a 12 hour night shift. Yay!
Today’s scale weight has jumped significantly. Beer & fish & chips will do that I guess, I expect it will be back where it needs to be in a couple of days.

It’s brilliantly sunny today, and I just spent 20 minutes out on the back porch, shirtless, grooming the dog. With the change of seasons he is shedding like a mofo. Gave some food scraps to the chickens – they are so funny to watch.

Too bad it wasn’t this sunny earlier in the week – I may have got the new windows installed, instead they postponed due to the weather forecast.  Have to wait until next week now.

I’m really enjoying the CC program, and so today was:
Level 1 stretches – 30 sec
Side kick stretches – 10 a side
Short bridges – warm 2 x 5, work 15/15
Headstand – warm 10 sec, work 30 sec

I also stumbled across this link: that also gives me confirmation that the softly, slowly approach will be good.

Then DW, who is a black belt in karate, and a brown belt in two other martial arts, helped me go over the roundhouse stuff I covered in class last night.

Mussels_Half_Shell1Breakfast was a handful of cold offal
Lunch will be steamed mussels and a salad from the garden
Dinner will be slow cooker lamb curry that will cook while I have a nap before work.
Then it will be eat and go.

I noticed the oregano was getting a bit overgrown, so have trimmed it back and have some drying in the oven.

Today is a great day.


Last day off

A good day today, slept in late, missed the recycle collection, not too big of a deal there. Skipped breakfast and ran some errands in town. Fish & chips for lunch. Got DW a new smart phone, since her phone was positively ancient. She seems pretty happy with it.

Knocked out 5 pullups.
Did the level 1 stretches & 10 a side sidekick stretches.
Had a pretty intense workout at karate tonight, and got to work on roundhouse kicks like a boss.

saw this inspirational quote today too:
No coach ever won a game by what he knows. It’s what his players learned.
Paul “Bear” Bryant

I also read something today attributed to a mentor of Pavel Tsatsouline :
Consistency and moderation over intensity.
Dr. Jim Wright

That article gives me comfort that my new workout program is the right path to take.