Doing time

A few small bites of celery for breakfast – simply because it was what I spotted when I opened the fridge.
All chickens mustered present & correct.

Did my stretches and my vertical pulls/shoulder stand squats I just have to remember Pole pole*  for this program – it seems too easy at the beginner stages – going from 2 sets of 35 push ups on the PB plan to wall pushes on this one and some months to go before getting to full push ups again. I really hope I’m not losing too much ground doing it this way, but the book specifically addresses this point, though it is difficult not to have doubts.
I guess I just have to put my faith into the ex-con lol. I may have to get my MIL to send me one those orange T shirts like she has: “Angola – Louisiana’s first gated community.” It would be good for the workouts.
Bacon & eggs for lunch today I think.


Some stuff that originally inspired me, and keeps doing so. Posting them here to remind me to visit them.
Links from MDA real life stories:
When Eating Healthy is Making You Fat! | Mark’s Daily Apple – similar age, simialr start point – great results
The Unconquerable Dave | Mark’s Daily Apple – unconquerable-dave – ’nuff said

Interwebs stuffz:
Tough Mudder Training – YouTube



*Swahili for slowly, surely.

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