Hair of the dog

The start of the work week for me, and we start with a 12 hour night shift. Yay!
Today’s scale weight has jumped significantly. Beer & fish & chips will do that I guess, I expect it will be back where it needs to be in a couple of days.

It’s brilliantly sunny today, and I just spent 20 minutes out on the back porch, shirtless, grooming the dog. With the change of seasons he is shedding like a mofo. Gave some food scraps to the chickens – they are so funny to watch.

Too bad it wasn’t this sunny earlier in the week – I may have got the new windows installed, instead they postponed due to the weather forecast.  Have to wait until next week now.

I’m really enjoying the CC program, and so today was:
Level 1 stretches – 30 sec
Side kick stretches – 10 a side
Short bridges – warm 2 x 5, work 15/15
Headstand – warm 10 sec, work 30 sec

I also stumbled across this link: that also gives me confirmation that the softly, slowly approach will be good.

Then DW, who is a black belt in karate, and a brown belt in two other martial arts, helped me go over the roundhouse stuff I covered in class last night.

Mussels_Half_Shell1Breakfast was a handful of cold offal
Lunch will be steamed mussels and a salad from the garden
Dinner will be slow cooker lamb curry that will cook while I have a nap before work.
Then it will be eat and go.

I noticed the oregano was getting a bit overgrown, so have trimmed it back and have some drying in the oven.

Today is a great day.

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