Blood gets drawn tomorrow. I’ve been feeling that I have been struggling with my LHTs for a while, and I think there are a few reasons/excuses for this, that I’m not entirely happy about. I have been following the exercises and progressions in the PBF ebook, and all went quite well until I hit level 4, which are the essential primal movements. I can do them all ok, struggle a little with the pull ups, but am finding it difficult to increase my rep counts. The rep counts aren’t shabby, but they aren’t where I want them either.

cc-cover-250Over the last few days I have been reading convict conditioning 1 & 2, and I have to say that these books “speak to me” about exercise in the way that the Primal Blueprint “speaks to me” about diet.
Even though I think the biggest obstacle to dieters & exercisers in general is the continual switching in the quest for better results, rather than sticking at something after the novelty wears off, I am going to change to the CC program.
I am going to start it at the beginning, which will mean taking “a step backwards” in terms of level & rep count, but I figure that if I stick at it long enough and follow the plan and actually do it, I will be taking a big step forward.


The guts of the exercises are essentially the same, greatest difference really is that rather than increasing the rep counts as you go through, the exercises change slightly to get incrementally harder, and the difference between beginner and prgress reps is not as large. There are six exercises instead of 5.

Yesterday I did the level 1 dynamic stretches
Today I did the level 1 dynamic stretches and day 1 of the good behaviour program at level 1
On the designated ‘off’ days for training, I will still do the dynamic stretching – should be good for martial arts.

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