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It was a long week at work, the whole process was in a state of flux, and while I was able to get it settled down, despite a lack of most of the crucial raw materials, I was still being second guessed by everyone who thought they had input to give. Unfortunately they can advise as much as they like, and I do I like to take good advice on board, but whether the advice is right or wrong, they can continue on their way, while I’m the one who must carry the can. I do often seek the counsel of these people, but yesterday I needed to remain resolutely on my own path, and I made that clear. Hopefully I was blunt enough without being nasty. We shall see.

387393_2763049845433_1533459679_32734824_1019782845_nThe guys came to start fitting the new windows today, so there was no post shift week sleep-in to be had, I was up early to clear away junk and remove curtain rails etc. They have another day of it tomorrow too, so still no sleep-in on the horizon. I will shoot for an early night tonight.

Today was the day to see the Dr again re my blood test results, however when I got to the surgery, there was a power cut. Did you know that modern drs can’t practice medicine without electricity? Apparently the lab only sends results via email, and all patient records are computerised. The Doc had no clue who I was, or why I was even there, despite sending the letter asking to see me. The receptionist could not rebook me without her PC but promised to call me at home and confirm a new appt when the power came back on. I wrote my name and number down on a piece of paper for them – how old fashioned. Anyway, I go back there tomorrow morning.
So yesterday was a scheduled rest day re exercising, and with all going on I didn’t even get my stretches in.

Today I did level 2 stretches for 15 secs and the vertical pulls and shoulder stand squats. I made the progression standard fairly easily for the pulls, but will stay on this level for the rest of the month, only really 2 more times of that exercise. I beat the intermediate level on the squats, and need to hit progression level on the next work out, as the plan is to get to progression level on the third week, and repeat it on week 4 before moving on in week 5.

Foodwise things have been a good 80/20.

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