It’s not a Toomah

Ok, so night shifts over for another week. YAY! 24 hour break day today, and being Friday it’s dinner out with my harem
On waking today the scale has dipped under the 80kg mark.
After a quick nap from 9a to noonish it was a quick shower and then “Doctor visit time”. I don’t much enjoy going there, the waiting room puts me in mind of Gay Panda’s shopping trolleys and ATM machines to the power of 512.

Anyway, since I have been more active lately, I have been experiencing a flare up of an old, old knee injury, and for the first time in the last 20 years, I could actually see and feel a large hard lump where the pain is coming from. Maybe prior to this it was buried in a nice layer of fat?

Since Dad has had to have his his prostate removed in the last few months, the family has been bugging me to get a check up.
So it was time. Let’s do this. I was expecting that this would involve a PSA blood test.
New lady doctor that I’ve never met before, ok.
Explain the bit about t5he knee flare ups and roll up the pants leg. Instantly she spots the lump and whacks it. This lady has frikken HUGE hands, and she gives it a wee bash around. Says “Yup that’s bone, and that’s ligament swelling – old injury aggravation – harden up, get some anti-flam gel/cream if you must and carry on. Sweet as. I can deal with that. She is Eastern European, and in my mind I am replaying the scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger saying “It’s not a toomah!”

Next we talk about the bloods. After tapping on her keyboard a few times she says “Yes it’s probably time to do some blood work, you’ve been coming to this practice since 2008 and we have never done any”
So I get to do a fairly full suite of fasted bloods:vampire-2
Liver/enzymes – liver group
Renal – electrolytes
renal – Creatinine
diabetes – glucose
lipids – lipid group – fasting
prostate – PSA
thyroid – TSH
ESR – Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

I told her that I expected high total cholesterol, but am expecting that it would be mostly “the good one”. She seemed ok with that idea. I am going to have to follow up with them to get the results, unless there is anything of concern, they won’t contact me at all. So I will need to remember to do that.

The thought had occurred to me to get tested for Vit D, since I am supplementing and maybe T levels, but perhaps that is just over complicating my life? I don’t know if those are included in this suite or not. I guess if there is anything odd in these results we will do more analysis and I can ask then.

3 doctor’s visits in 4 years isn’t too bad is it? I hope I’m not becoming a hypochondriac.

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