Last day off

A good day today, slept in late, missed the recycle collection, not too big of a deal there. Skipped breakfast and ran some errands in town. Fish & chips for lunch. Got DW a new smart phone, since her phone was positively ancient. She seems pretty happy with it.

Knocked out 5 pullups.
Did the level 1 stretches & 10 a side sidekick stretches.
Had a pretty intense workout at karate tonight, and got to work on roundhouse kicks like a boss.

saw this inspirational quote today too:
No coach ever won a game by what he knows. It’s what his players learned.
Paul “Bear” Bryant

I also read something today attributed to a mentor of Pavel Tsatsouline :
Consistency and moderation over intensity.
Dr. Jim Wright

That article gives me comfort that my new workout program is the right path to take.

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