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I’m pretty happy with things at the moment, been a tough week at work this week, what with one thing and another, mostly other people it seems – everybody just seems to go off the deep end really quick at this time of year. Employees do silly things that they wouldn’t usually do, management over reacts etc. Never mind I have the rest of the week off, and go back for xmas eve & xmas day – Joy!!
The windows are all in and completed, the recent rain held up progress on the final touches, and they look great.

Food has been well within 80/20 (except the dreaded diet coke) and the exercise & stretches have been good. I need to do vertical pulls and shoulder stand squats today. It has been a really long 12 hour work day and I have just had dinner (bacon & eggs) and I don’t quite feel like it. If I skip it, it will be the first time I have deviated from my set program since the beginning of the month. This is the best motivation for not skipping tonight, so I will let dinner settle and give it heaps. Considering I often do a workout at 3am on a nightshift, doing one at 10pm shouldn’t seem so bad eh?

Nek minnit….

Ok, so I decided it was time to get to work on the LHT:
Vertical pulls – warm 10/10 Work 40/40/40 – progression standard!!
Shoulder stand Squats – warm 10/10 Work 50/50/50 – progression standard!!
Dynamic stretches – level 2 30 secs
Meditation – 10 mins Seiza

A month or so ago I would have skipped it and had a couple beers instead. I consider this a success, despite the diet coke.

Tomorrow the sun will be shining, I will have a flushable toilet again, and I don’t have to go to work.

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