Something must be working

I finally got my sleep-in this morning. I still wonder about my workout last night. Did I do it because I have been developing an iron will since changing to this WOE? Did I do it because I felt some kind of support/peer pressure type deal through journalling here? I could oh so easily skipped that session last night, without very much guilt at all. I’m sure after the kind of 12 hour days I’d been working lately I could justify to myself a well earned break.

No I think that the answer lies in the fact that by doing what I’ve been doing lately has been showing me RESULTS. I’ve never seen results like this before.. I like these results and I want MORE of them. In years gone by I would have started eating giant pastas with porridge or cereal for breakfast and go faff about in a gym dabbling with the lat pull down machine or playing on the bench press machine. If I was really desperate I’d waddle somewhat on the treadmill as well. All this would be according to the ‘personalised program tailored for me by the gym’s very own fitness professional’. Then feeling good I’d go home and have a lettuce & tomato sandwich on whole grain bread, maybe even two, because it was healthy, and I was working out, and I’m going to BE healthy dammit. What a healthy bastard I was. I would go to gym every day, which would soon become ‘every day that I can’; of course there would be more and more days that I could not. For any number of ‘reasons’. It never seemed to matter whether I went or not, the ‘results’ were much the same.

Last night I was dog tired, I’d had a fair sized meal of bacon and eggs, and I really wanted to go to bed. The exercises that I’ve been doing are far easier than what CW would suggest that I am capable of, and are in fact referred to as exercises for rehab or invalids. BUT I AM SEEING RESULTS. So I decided that I need to stick to the program. Today is a rest day, yesterday was a workout day, what would it hurt to swap that around? Surely not much? But i figured – ‘The program is working – stick to the program’.

Did I enjoy it? Not really. I was very neutral, I didn’t hate it, it wasn’t a chore. It just was.
Probably not a big deal to so many people, but to me it smells like victory.
Today is a programmed rest day, so that means dynamic stretches, meditation and karate class.

In other news – We now have one of them fancy toilets that flushes.

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