Keeping the faith

So yesterday at work was hectic as all get out, and to compound the issue I had trouble sleeping the night before. Food was 100% paleo and exercise schedule was for a rest day. Had a big conversation with my relief before leaving work and then had to go find gas, so it was around 8:45 pm by the time I got home and started on dinner. So a day of total rest, with not even the trifecta stretches.

Today I went through the day at work with a sense of relief that it was my second rest day, and I just needed to do the calf raises and the trifecta. I did the calf raises at work while I was waiting for my lunch to heat. Hit the level progression target too. When I got home and filled out my training log, I saw that yesterday was my second day of rest, and somehow I had missed a day.

I was feeling so dog tired even to the point of considering skipping my trifecta stretches when I got home. So naturally I did what is starting to become a habit.

I got changed out of my work clothes and I got to working out. Push ups & leg lifts today at level 2. I did 5 more reps per set on the warm up sets than I did last week, and hit the hit progression standard (which I hit last week as well) and then added 5 reps to the last set. I’ll repeat that next week to ensure I’ve mastered it and then it’s progress time. After dinner of grilled pork chop and veg I did the trifecta at level 3, they all need a bit of work, but level 2 has gotten too easy. Given that today was pushup and leg lift day, I skipped the planks, knee raises and wall pushups that I’ve been adding to the trifecta.Since I skipped all of that I made sure to get my 10 min meditation in.

Progress has been good. I still have a bit of belly, but the love handles are mostly gone now. I’m certainly finding it easier to move around at work and at martial arts classes.

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