I usually like to do my workouts and stretches in the evenings.  When I’m at work it can be super late in the evening – e.g. 0300!  So Friday I was off work, and it was the first of the two rest days in the good behaviour program.  I am doing the isometric stretches daily, so I was planning to get those in, but the day slid by and before I knew it we were off out for dinner.

At dinner I had a couple of beers, only couple, and then we went home, but I didn’t feel like it was a good time to be doing stretches and meditating.  A little later in the evening, after dinner was settled and I had consumed quite a lot of water, I felt like I could do the stretches.  Then I reconsidered – it would likely be either half assed, or worse the alcohol in my system would mean that I would think I could stretch further than I really could and I would push it and injure myself, potentially stalling my progress for much longer than one day.

So Friday became a day of total rest, and that’s ok.

Saturday was martial arts classes first thing in the morning, and we did a bit of stretching, the kind where you have help from a partner. It isn’t CC style, but I go along with it.  Then during some groundwork, Sensei had me on the ground and was standing up, demonstrating how to get the lock just right. Without the correct lock on, he said “See he could even kick me in the face from there.  Go on, kick me in the face”.

So I slowly arced my foot up and just touched his face.  I’m sure he didn’t really believe that I could kick that high from the floor and got a little surprise, and said so.  I just smiled and said “Must have been those stretches I was doing”

We meditated some during martial arts class, and then later in the day I did my stretches and meditated some more.  I’m still working that 60 second plank into the stretching routine as well.  The last day of rest is also calf day now, so I did 20/20/20 of level 2 calf raises.

Sunday, and the rest days are over, yes 2.5 hours of martial arts is a rest day, lol.  Sunday and we are into the pushups and squats.  Last week I did my first round of level 2 at the beginner standard.  Level 2 is not that difficult and so I had some left in the bank after 2 sets of 10.  Intermediate is 20/20 and progression is 30/30/30. I decided that I would progress it up the same way as the CC2 method for the calf raises, i.e I would go for 20/20/20 and then ramp up the number of reps per set until I hit progression standard.

As with level 1, once I get to the progression standard I will simmer it there for at least a couple of weeks to prove mastery before moving on.

Back on night shift tomorrow, and it’s a rest day.

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