Feb–new month, new challenge

I’m feeling stronger, and the mirror seems to be showing results, but the scale is mocking me, the tape measure is mildly encouraging, and the fat caliper is indifferent. The exercise is coming along well and the trifecta stretches are moving up to the next level.  The straight bridges have become ridiculously easy, and I’m struggling somewhat with the angle bridges, I will have to try a gentler angle and work it up (or down – depending on your POV).  The N hold I’m doing from push up bars.  Throwing in the daily knee tucks has greatly helped with the clicking in my hips, the clicking is quieter, goes away sooner and is not uncomfortable anymore.

While I’m down on the floor for the knee tucks I’m thinking I should also add in the hollow body progression: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/hollow-body-progression-pt1  This should help me to connect the upper & lower body better in martial arts movement.  The downside of this is that my nice short workouts are getting ever longer.

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