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It Burns!!

Yesterday was the start of my shift rotation again. An 8pm start so the day is one of mostly rest. Woke up and schlepped the garbage out for collection. Had a couple of HB eggs, and went and checked on my newly planted seedlings. Not too much slug/snail carnage observed, all good. Boiled up another 10 or so eggs for the coming roster week, the odd one or two always crack in the pot.
Lunch was a can of sardines on 3 pieces of whole grain toast. Before primal I always thought this was a super healthy meal, and I’m still not ready to give away the toast with my sardines yet. Any suggestions for a fast, easy accompaniment for sardines, other than salad? Next time I may try scrambled or mashed HB egg with them.
After that came a piece of real resistance:
1 clove of garlic (home grown) finely sliced
2 dried chillies (home grown) finely sliced
a drizzle of olive oil
Into the slow cooker with them
Cube up 600 grams of grass fed gravy beef and mix it in with everything else.
Drizzle over a liberal quantity of Kaitaia Fire.
add a cup or so of boiling water and set to high for a few hours.
I did a few more chores then turned in for a pre-shift nap. On waking 3 hours later, turn the slow cooker to low add a cup of hot beef stock and serve up with nuked broccoli, cauli and carrots.
A couple of cups of coffee, 2 apples, 2 HB eggs a handful of almonds, a sugar free energy drink and a hot chocolate around 6am saw me through the 12 hr shift and I was home in bed by 9a.



Lifted heavy things today.  I decided that I needed to level things up a bit, so I’m now doing all of the exercises at level 4, except the pull ups, which are at level 3.  level-upNaturally my rep count has come down somewhat, but I feel like I’m working harder.

I’ve had the squats and the overhead presses at level 4 for a while now, so the big steps were with the planks and the push ups, both of which I took from level 2 straight to level 4.  If it gets to obnoxious I can step it back again, but to be honest I don’t see any real reason why I can’t tackle it at this level if I’m sensible about it.