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Blood gets drawn tomorrow. I’ve been feeling that I have been struggling with my LHTs for a while, and I think there are a few reasons/excuses for this, that I’m not entirely happy about. I have been following the exercises and progressions in the PBF ebook, and all went quite well until I hit level 4, which are the essential primal movements. I can do them all ok, struggle a little with the pull ups, but am finding it difficult to increase my rep counts. The rep counts aren’t shabby, but they aren’t where I want them either.

cc-cover-250Over the last few days I have been reading convict conditioning 1 & 2, and I have to say that these books “speak to me” about exercise in the way that the Primal Blueprint “speaks to me” about diet.
Even though I think the biggest obstacle to dieters & exercisers in general is the continual switching in the quest for better results, rather than sticking at something after the novelty wears off, I am going to change to the CC program.
I am going to start it at the beginning, which will mean taking “a step backwards” in terms of level & rep count, but I figure that if I stick at it long enough and follow the plan and actually do it, I will be taking a big step forward.


The guts of the exercises are essentially the same, greatest difference really is that rather than increasing the rep counts as you go through, the exercises change slightly to get incrementally harder, and the difference between beginner and prgress reps is not as large. There are six exercises instead of 5.

Yesterday I did the level 1 dynamic stretches
Today I did the level 1 dynamic stretches and day 1 of the good behaviour program at level 1
On the designated ‘off’ days for training, I will still do the dynamic stretching – should be good for martial arts.


Just keep swimming

Substituted some diet coke with black tea yesterday, so I drank less than usual, but still more than I’d prefer. Did an LHT this morning, felt pretty bad during/immediately after and thought I might throw up. I’m not sure why, maybe too soon after my 2 HB eggs?
I felt a little let down that my 1st set of press ups was 5 short of what I did in the previous session, but looking back over the numbers it seems that the last session’s figure was unusually high, maybe I was just having a good day that time? I consoled myself that the total of the two sets for today was still 1 press up higher than the total for the 2 sets in the previous session. Yay!!

Exercise Level Set 1 Set 2 Target
Pushup 1.4 25 26 50
Pullup 2.4 15 15 15
Squat 3.4 50 50 50
Overhead Press 4.4 15 15 12
Plank Front 5.4 90 45 90
Plank Side 5.4 45 45 45

Karate tonight, our warmup usually includes press ups and crunches/bicycles etc. If we have to stay in horse stance for any length of time I will pay again for the squats too. Never mind, one day the squats will mean I can hold the lowest horse stance for the longest
I also had my progress pictures taken and took my measurements and body fat calculations. I felt like it was a little bit of a cheat to do this right after an LHT but never mind, I hadn’t done it for a while and decided doing it then was better than not doing it at all. Sorry but the progress pictures aren’t for publication yet.

While I know that the body fat caliper I have is cheap, inaccurate, and the measurements are subject to fluctuation even with good ones, I’m a little concerned that the 2kg (4.4 lb) that I lost in the last month seems fairly evenly divided between fat and lean mass. I’m fairly sure I’m eating enough and sufficient protein. I’m not trying to pack on muscle mass at the moment, but I’d prefer to conserve what I do have. Keep at the LHT I guess and see how things progress. Weight & waist measurement seem to be the only ones that are progressing steadily. All of the others bounce around a lot and and some – like chest and bicep – I’m not sure whether it’s better to be going up or down. Once all of the extraneous fat is gone, I’m sure any increase is good, but until then I just don’t know.

Anyway, the kettle has boiled and I am going to make a big pot of gen mai cha tea, instead of pouring a coke.



Lifted heavy things today.  I decided that I needed to level things up a bit, so I’m now doing all of the exercises at level 4, except the pull ups, which are at level 3.  level-upNaturally my rep count has come down somewhat, but I feel like I’m working harder.

I’ve had the squats and the overhead presses at level 4 for a while now, so the big steps were with the planks and the push ups, both of which I took from level 2 straight to level 4.  If it gets to obnoxious I can step it back again, but to be honest I don’t see any real reason why I can’t tackle it at this level if I’m sensible about it.


Friday flash

Friday 22 JUl

1st day off, and we planned to go and see Mum & Dad, and my Aunt & Cousin, with her 2yo for lunch for the day, Thursday was Dad’s birthday. I was determined to get in an LHT workout before we left.  I love how quick I can get these things done if I put my mind to it.

Exercise Level Set 1 Set 2 Target
Pushup 1.2 50 30 50
Pullup 2.2 15 15 15
Squat 3.3 50 50 50
Overhead Press 4.4 12 12 12
Plank Front 5.2 90 90 90
Plank Side 5.2 45 45 45

I was pretty pleased with getting to 50 on the first set of pushups, even if the second set came in at only the same amount I did last workout.  The planks were a good workout, and I think it is time to level up the pullups. 

Thanks Mark.


I’ve had a few beers this week, and I need to settle that back down again too.  I think I’ll move what is left in the house down into the basement, out of temptation’s way :)

Today we had both a karate & aikido class, and although I wanted a lie-in, I got up and went and felt energised the whole way through, and we were moving pretty well.  Breakfast was sardines on toast, and lunch was curried sausages.  The plan for tomorrow is a measure up, and then a run/sprints.

Today the post brought in the course outline for the off-campus course I’m doing.  It’s the final paper I need to do before graduating my Master’s.  It’s the elective paper that has to be chosen from those that are offered from outside the faculty of engineering.  I’m doing (ugh) ‘Financial Management’  it looks like a lot of spreadsheets will be rquired, so I expect I can use my excel fu to good advantage ;)  I’ve ordered the prescribed text, and just need to launch into it now.

Graduation feels like it is now right at my fingertips; two assignments and 1 exam.  No problem!


Still on the planet

24 Hour break

Well it’s been a wee while since the last update, but I am sticking at it, with the odd slip here and there.  This past weekend was something of an aberration, but that’s ok.  Used to be, a weekend like that was considered tame, and weekdays were much the same, so not all bad news.

Anyway here’s the goss:

Friday was spent cleaning the house since my parents were coming to stay for the weekend.  We got a lot of good work done. I also ran the fat caliper over to check progress.

Then Friday night it was off to the club for dinner and then Harry Potter 7b.

Come to the dark side Harry, we have cookies.


I Had a few beers at the club and dinner was a T-bone steak, egg, salad & fries.  I left most of the fries on the plate. O.M.G!  Then it was off to the movies where I had a large bag of potato chips.  Doh!  I enjoyed the movie, even though it felt like it was just a series of battles to tie up loose ends, and the only bit of story telling was Snape’s bit.

Saturday morning we were up in the frost to go to karate and aikido classes.  2 hours of martial arts isn’t too bad for rest/play/move slowly I reckon, even if we do take things relatively slowly.  Mum & dad turned up for their visit, a quiche for lunch and naturally I had a number of beers with dad while we just hung out, including a quick trip down to the club.

Dinner was corned beef and mixed vegies.  Yum!  More beers till bedtime then breakfast of bacon and eggs in the morning.  Mum & Dad were on their way and I was off to bed before going back to work for my first night shift.  A couple of frustrating nights at work and a nap this morning from 0830 –1300.  Quiche for lunch and onto a session of LHT.

Exercise Level Set 1 Set 2 Target
Pushup 1.2 35 30 50
Pullup 2.2 15 15 15
Squat 3.3 50 50 50
Overhead Press 4.4 12 12 12
Plank Front 5.2 90 90 90
Plank Side 5.2 45 45 45

As i planned in my last LHT post, I increased the level for the squats and the planks, and managed to meet the targets first off.  I’m pretty happy with that, but at a bit of a loss as to what is going on with my pushups.  Maybe it’s true that I’m improving my form and going deeper.  I’m not sure.  Then it was a leisurely stroll around the park with the dog (I’m sure he is missing the chronic cardio though).  Tonight is an hour of Aikido, prawns for dinner and an early night with a day shift tomorrow.  I’m probably also going to have to face the music and address some crew issues tomorrow too. :/

All in all I’m pleased with the progress I’m making.  Could I do better? Sure, and I’m staying on track mostly, I’m not beating myself up too much when I get derailed, I plan to continue to enjoy a few beers at the club of a Friday evening, and Mum & Dad don’t visit overnight all that often, so I figure I’m staying mostly on track.


2nd LHT Eva

1st rostered day off.

Bacon & Eggs for brekksta.

Exercise Level Set 1 Set 2 Target
Pushup 1.2 33 30 50
Pullup 2.2 15 15 15
Squat 3.2 50 50 50
Overhead Press 4.4 6 7 12
Plank Front 5.1 90 90 90
Plank Side 5.1 45 45 45

I revisited my performance with the dive bombers from last time, and decided that if I could do any overhead presses, I should be doing them, so rather than drop back to the jack knife press, I kicked it up to the overhead press.  I’m not sure why I’m having trouble with the dive bombers, maybe it’s to do with range of motion in my shoulders.  It definitely seems to be a problem as I dip below that imaginary bar.  I think I need to start doing some mobility exercises during the move slowly days.

I also took some defrosted chicken pieces (wings, thighs etc), threw them in the crock with some sliced onion, crushed garlic, white pepper & curry powder, with a bit of orange juice, homemade chicken stock, and a packet of chicken noodle soup.  Set it to low at about 11:30 am – should be ready in time for dinner after karate tonight.